Welcome to the Blogroll

Please welcome two new websites to our blogroll which is located in the right-hand column of this site. First is “Keepers of Tradition” which is written by Maggie Holtzberg, the Director of Cultural Programming for the Lowell National Historical Park. This blog focuses on traditional arts and folk heritage. Maggie’s most recent post is her coverage of Monday’s 175th birthday party for the city of Lowell complete with many pictures of the participants.

Our second addition is the Pollard Memorial Library Blog which, though it’s existed for more than a year, has had a flurry of interesting and informative posts in the past couple of months.

We also welcome commenter extraordinaire and City Life regular Jack Mitchell to the posting side of the Lowell blogosphere. Left in Lowell announced today that Jack will become a regular contributor that site.

Finally, some spring pruning of the blogroll was in order. Initially I was going to deactivate any of the linked-to sites that hadn’t posted anything new in more than six months. There were several but I gave them a reprieve thinking that with this being a municipal election year, there’s bound to be an uptick in new content. The one exception was Mr. Mill City – all traces of that site are gone – so I held a moment of silence with darkened monitor and then purged that link. Easter approaches, however, and if MMC experiences a rebirth, the link will be restored instantly.

2 Responses to Welcome to the Blogroll

  1. K-R-S says:

    Too bad about Mr. Mill City, they were fun. Had heard last summer that they were done and was hoping they would revive. *taps*