In the Merrimack Valley: Activity in North Tewksbury

There may be a slow down in building elsewhere but in North Tewksbury there’s a boomlet of building. A new home is under construction on North Street just beyond the light at Route 133. Beyond the light on Andover Street/Route 133 – a complex of twenty luxury condos set on the northside behind a very nice stone wall amenity is back on track. Down on Fiske Street – a new one-story accessible-looking  home is in the ground and rising. One home away – an historic home is getting a sizable addition – while on River Road near the Andover line new construction continues on a cluster of up-scale homes. Farther down on River Road across from the Trull Brook Golf Course and Tennis Center – a project long delayed by the  blasting of rock impeding any building – a new up-scale house is ready and others should appear on the site as the side road work continues. River Road itself is undergoing an re-do and reconstruction from the Andover line to the dip at Trull Brook. South-side sidewalks are an added safty feature along with a road widening to the original configuration plans of many years ago. Entering River Road from the Tewksbury end of Bailey Road will be much safer with the  tree removal from the awkward triangle and a different angle of vehicular entry. The residents of this part of North Tewksbury have waited a longtime for these changes.

North Tewksbury is seeing a nice blending of public and private activity. Thank you Governor Patrick and Senator Finegold and the town departments who kept at this project.