BeatleJuice Dance Party at LMA Last Night

The folks at Middlesex Community College threw a party for more than 500 people at Lowell Memorial Auditorium last night with the best music that could be ordered up, All-Beatles-All-the-Time. On stage was the top Beatles tribute band in this part of the country, Beatlejuice, whose players served up note-perfect versions of songs that are the classical music of the past 50 years. The LMA was set up like a music club with a large dance area in front of the stage, round tables on the floor, and additional seating in the mezz level. The audience ranged from kids and lots of college students to a large contingent from the Veterans of Band Battles of the ’60s. If Sgt. Pepper is the Guy Lombardo of the Baby Boomers, we’ll take him. Roll up for the Mystery Tour, and bring on Billy Shears. What creative leaps from “Love Me Do” to “I Am the Walrus” to “Paperback Writer.” Kudos to LMA and MCC for giving us three hours of fun and music, and nothing but fun and music (with a nod to Max Yasgur).

One Response to BeatleJuice Dance Party at LMA Last Night

  1. Patrick Cook says:

    Great to see everyone last night, Paul! It was great event, and a blast to share the night with our partners at the University and in the community. It also goes to show you how many Beatles fans are still out there. Saw lots of new faces last night from the community. And what a performance by BeatleJuice! Three non-stop hours! Couple of interesting points for me: thought the setlist tilted heavily toward John’s signature songs, probably because they were a stronger rock-and-roll dance card. Also, didn’t know about the Fools connection until they introduced themselves. And don’t forget, you’re now immortalized on an album cover, taking the place of none other than Bob Dylan himself! Thanks to all for a Magical Mystery Tour!