Bob Martin Talks to a Blogger in Serbia

Composer, musician, and writer Bob Martin is one of the great living artists of Lowell. He’s been touring in Europe for many weeks now, playing for crowds of people who love his Americana music. Thanks to him and Dave Robinson on Facebook for this link to an interview with Bob conducted by a blogger from Slovenia, Klemen Breznikar of the blog Prog Spheres.

Bob Martin

2 Responses to Bob Martin Talks to a Blogger in Serbia

  1. Nick says:

    Hello there,

    Nick’s here, the founder of Prog Sphere webzine. You’ve made a mistake by linking Prog Sphere incorrectly. The exact address of the website is:

    And not, as you wrote.

    Also, the webzine is originated from Serbia and not Germany. Klemen, the contributor of the webzine is from Slovenia.

    Best regards,