Ken Harkins on St Patrick’s Day – 1989

Here’s the late Ken Harkins emceeing the 1989 Lowell City Manager’s St Patrick’s Day Breakfast



2 Responses to Ken Harkins on St Patrick’s Day – 1989

  1. Kevin Harkins says:

    It is great that you bring these clips back, this year especially.
    My Father had a wonderful stream of consciousness humor and you weren’t really sure what might come out of him sometimes. It seemed to be a combination of Don Rickles and Bob Hope all coming at you in rapid fire burst. Woah to those on the other side of the microphone. If you did get to be at the microphone be careful what you said about him as he always had the last word with a twinkle in his eye and a smile on his face.
    Thanks again,

  2. Nancye says:

    What a treat to enjoy Ken’s wit and humor 22 years later. I always admired him and had great fun interviewing him. He was also a staunch supporter of RARA and gave so much to that organization. The clips also brought back memories of those no longer with us like Paul Sullivan, Ed Lelacheur and John Costello who Ken introduced. I also noticed an old friend from the Lowell Sun in the audience – Joe Day, who was editorial page editor way back then. He left journalism to join the priesthood and became Brother Jerome. Last I heard he was working at St. Anselm’s in New Hampshire. Thanks for bringing back great memories with these clips.