Lowell Graffiti

Tony Sampas found this interesting message on the Broadway side of the building that used to be Cote’s paint store.

4 Responses to Lowell Graffiti

  1. The Fireball says:

    There’s a different one of these on the Walker St side of General Woodworking. opposite Colombus ST. I have a picture but can’t seem to get the E-Mail link to work to send it.

  2. theWildcard says:

    There’s also one right down the street from this one on a small cement wall at the little park accross from the fireman thing, it says, “tag, you’re it” and has a little picture of the character from where the wildthings are. I guess theyre all from the same artist. I heard about allthese but can’t figure out the artist’s name. Any ideas?

  3. Rich Cote says:

    Cote’s Paint …. I have been trying to find some old pictures of this building when it was Cote’s. My family owned this business and the building at one time…. But nobody has any pictures. HELP