Lively Debate in Haverhill Sparked by Dubus’ Memoir

The Eagle Tribune’s Haverhill coverage today includes a lively debate about the potential impact of author Andre Dubus III’s memoir “Townie” on the image of the city. Mayor James Fiorentini took exception to initial media coverage of Andre’s book with references to the rough side of life in the Haverhill of the 1970s. The Mayor and the author are quoted in reporter Mike LaBella’s article, and the two of them have spoken about the book, agreeing that Haverhill today has much to recommend it. The Mayor now recommends it. Of interest are the readers’ comments accompanying the web version of the article. Lowell and its reaction to “The Fighter” pops up in the comments. Read all about it here.

I bought the book Friday and read it straight through. I’ll share my thoughts in another post.

One Response to Lively Debate in Haverhill Sparked by Dubus’ Memoir

  1. Dean says:

    I read the article . After WW II the Merrimack Valley was a small Appalachia till about the 1980’s. Very few families moved into the small cities in the Merrimack Valley in MA and NH.