On location with “The Fighter”

Now that The Fighter has won two Oscars – Best Supporting Actress to Melissa Leo and Best Supporting Actor to Christian Bale – it’s time to put up a link to our Google Map mashup of locations in Lowell where The Fighter was filmed. (Note: There’s a permanent link in the right column).

UPDATE: Here’s a link to Dick Eklund’s website which Christian Bale promoted during his acceptance speech.

One Response to On location with “The Fighter”

  1. Nancye says:

    Nice thumbs-up to Lowell and Dicky Ecklund, too, who Bale called out to and asked to stand up as he accepted his award. Also said he was looking forward to the next phase in Dicky’s life and plugged his web site and promoted him as a trainer. Bale is training with Dicky now for his upcoming role in Batman, according to Vanity Fair. Good for Dicky and good for Lowell.