Citizens and Independence

Last year, Harvard undergraduates organized the first Harvard Thinks Big, an opportunity for ten professors from different departments to give talks on a subject they care about. The event was based on the famous TED Talks and was a great success. Harvard Thinks Big 2 was held last Thursday. While I was unable to attend, one of the talks has made it onto Youtube and I felt it was interesting and moving and thus worth sharing.

The talk was given by Harvard Law School Professor Lawrence Lessig, who teaches constitutional law and institutional ethics. The talk focuses on how we as citizens can and must fix our broken political system. Professor Lessig includes a fascinating history lesson and gives quite a compelling argument. But perhaps what is most striking about his talk is that Americans of all political persuasions, I think, will agree with him and can unite around his plan for reclaiming our representative democracy.

One Response to Citizens and Independence

  1. Jack Mitchell says:

    No comments?

    A crew like we have here, with no shortage of opinion, and there is nothing to say about the corrupting power of money in politics?

    I don’t think you are all corrupt. Likely, the cause of your silence is that you recognize the problem is so big and so “intangible,” you just have no idea what to say that would make any difference.

    It’s THAT bad.