David Corn Drops the Magic Word: ‘Kerouac’

David Corn in Politics Daily skewers Speaker Boehner (R-Ohio) for mangling the truth and showing no mercy for those about to lose jobs due to federal budget cuts. Corn has a surprising wrap up to his column that he titled “Naked Lunch.” Here’s the opinion piece, which I picked up on realclearpolitics.com, and here’s the kicker in the wrap up:

So Boehner’s one big idea may be wrong and misguided. Still, if he believes it, he ought to be less Scrooge-like. His lack of sympathy for those who could lose their jobs due to the proposal he’s pushing is stunning and belies his where-are-the-jobs mantra of the previous campaign. In a less-imperfect world, he’d be ridden out of Washington on a rail for such coldheartedness, his duplicity denounced far and wide (and maybe even on Fox News). But all that ensues is a day or two of bad press, with liberal partisans griping about his insensitivity. And the moment gets lost in the wash.

But it was an exchange to remember. In explaining how he had come to title a novel “Naked Lunch,” William Burroughs said that beat author Jack Kerouac had suggested it and that “the title means exactly what the words say: naked lunch, a frozen moment when everyone sees what is on the end of every fork.” This week Boehner had his naked lunch moment — and what was on the fork was ugly and, worse, mean.

One Response to David Corn Drops the Magic Word: ‘Kerouac’

  1. Dean says:

    Let face it Speaker Boehner is not in control of his party members.I do not know at this moment whether that is good or bad.