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Some of our readers may remember that Michael Millner, a professor in the UMass Lowell Dept. of English, and I are working on a new Kerouac project for Lowell. Last year, we received a $35,000 Creative Economy Initiatives grant from the UMass President’s Office to create (1) a small permanent orientation exhibit about Jack Kerouac for the Visitor Center of the National Park Service and (2) a companion website that will become the go-to Kerouac site worldwide. This past fall we were awarded a $5,000 grant from the Massachusetts Foundation for the Humanities to assist the development of the website.

We hired Chris Danemayer of Proun Design to help us with the exhibit. Chris designed the wonderful room-sized exhibit in the NPS’s Boott Mills Gallery that was produced to complement the display of Kerouac’s famous “On the Road” scroll manuscript in the summer of 2007. The exhibit and 30 allied programs (readings, concerts, vintage car show, etc.) drew 25,000 people to the city. The exhibit won a national award from the American Association for State and Local History.

A main element of the orientation exhibit will be a wall map that illustrates key Kerouac literary sites in Lowell. The exhibit will also include an audio component that will let people hear Kerouac reading excerpts from his writing. The idea is that the exhibit will be a starting point for anyone (resident or visitor) who wants to explore Kerouac’s Lowell. David Blackburn of Lowell National Historical Park and the Park team have been our collaborators on this project.  The website will be hosted by UMass Lowell. John Sampas, who represents the Kerouac Estate in Lowell, has offered us the domain name for the website, which is the go-to name that we needed. Google and other search engines should then send any inquiries to the UMass Lowell site first, which will be great for the visibility of the school and city and ensure excellence in the quality of the information sought by student researchers, readers, potential visitors, and others.

Our goal is to have the exhibit ready in time for the ribbon-cutting for the new and improved NPS Visitor Center at Market Mills, which some people may have noticed is being renovated this winter. There will be a new reception area and gift shop in front. The “new” Visitor Center is scheduled to be unveiled on Doors Open Lowell weekend, May 6-8. The Kerouac website should be launched shortly after.

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3 Responses to Kerouac Project News

  1. Kosta says:

    Nice! We may find, though, that the website will be the “‘starting point” for many who plan their trip to Lowell ahead of time and then go to the Visitor Center once in the city – or, for that matter, be the endpoint for those who- meanwhile- can’t get to Lowell. A nice combination- one feeds off the other.

  2. George DeLuca says:

    There’s a glowing creative energy building in Lowell, as people continue to collaborate and move these very significant initiatives forward. Congrats Paul, on your good work here. It was a pleasure to be at the inception meetings early on, and I trust that the concept we developed is in good hands.

    Another piece of the puzzle is that Steve Edington is stepping down as “Lowell Celebrates Kerouac” president after the October events. I’ve been attending meetings since Nov. 2009 and currently on the Board (but not commenting as a spokesperson).

    Steve has recently commented that he agrees that it’s time for LCK to have some new leadership. I’d like to see the organization branch out a bit and absorb this “leadership” from the City (CASE/COOL), UML (Cultural & Arts), MCC (Arts & Theater Program) and other artistic individuals and creative organizations. That opportunity is apparently now upon us.

  3. Steve S says:

    Paul –

    Thanks for the Doors Open Lowell plug above. Just a note though that Doors Open Lowell is actually May 12-14 this year.