Scenes from Winterfest

I was downtown on Saturday morning and checked out the entries in the snowman making competition on JFK Plaza. Above is the entry from the JG Pyne Arts School; below is the one from the Butler. This walk through was the closest I’ve ever come to attending a Winterfest event so I have no personal knowledge of what it was like. I did hear from a family that was there Friday night who felt that all the action was inside the 21-years-and-older tent with the adult beverages, while families with kids didn’t have a lot to do. That kind of echoes the “more soup; less beer” sentiments today’s Lowell Sun Column attributes to City Manager Lynch for how the event should evolve in the future.

2 Responses to Scenes from Winterfest

  1. JoeS says:

    Although we may want to exit the cabin during the doldrums of mid-winter, a more productive time for events may be during the period leading up to New Years eve.