Cote’s Market

Tony Sampas reminds us of a classic Lowell place to get comfort food in the dead of winter

3 Responses to Cote’s Market

  1. John Quealey says:

    A visit to this ninty-three year old market and to talk to the third generation owner is worthwhile.If you cannot find what you want he will make it for for you. The bloggers Father James R.I,P. delivered to Cotes over sixty years ago.

  2. Marie says:

    Dad had some really interesting places on his route – including Quealey’s on So. Whipple Street, Ed Lelacheur’s Stolpyne (sp?)Market on Gorham Street, Cote’s etc. – he got up and out by 4am to get loaded up and on the road!

  3. Tony Sampas says:

    Yesterday I had the American Chop Suey as well as some pulled pork. Delicious and very satisfying.