Channel 5 in Lowell for “The Fighter”

WCVB (Channel 5) reporter Kelley Tuthill was in Lowell yesterday to visit sites that appeared in the movie “The Fighter.” She was guided by Lowell Police Sgt (and real life star of the movie) Mickey O’Keefe, but in the segment that aired last night at 11 pm and this evening at 6 pm, she also used our Google map mashup of Fighter locations. The full piece is still available on the WCVB website here but below is a screen print from that I captured while the piece was playing on the website (the caption of the WCVB video includes a live link to our Google map).

For those interested in the map, you can view it here and for future reference, I’ve added a new box in the right hand sidebar column with a permanent link that will always be available on our front page.