Lowell-made “The Fighter” Garners Seven Academy Award Nominations

Today in a live early-morning ceremony in Beverly Hills, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences announced its full list nominees for the 83rd annual Academy Awards. The Lowell-made movie “The Fighter” based on the life of Lowell fighter “Irish” Micky Ward and his family garnered six Oscar nominations for –  Best Picture; Best Directing (David O. Russell); Best Supporting Actor (Christian Bale); Best Suppporting Actress (Melissa Leo and Amy Adams); Best Film Editing; and Best Original Screen Play.

The 2011 Academy Award presentations will made during a gala celebration on February 27,  2011 on ABC-TV.


The ABC-TV “Good Morning America”  hosts interviewed Best Supporting Actress nominee Melissa Leo by-phone. She expressed great excitement about the nomination and about her whole experience making “The Fighter”,  the family and Lowell. She had a great come back when a comment was made about Mark Wahlberg not being nominated or winning awards for the movie – saying not true – he won all these awards! Leo has already won a Golden Globe for her role as Alice Ward as well as the NY Film Critics Award and the Critics Choice Award and is a nominee for the  SAG (Screen Actors Guild) Award to be given on January 30th.

 BTW – another comment on ABC’s “Good Morning America”  this morning by Robin Roberts – “The little city of Lowell is getting recognized (too).”

My apologies to Amy Adams fans! I inadvertantly failed to include her Best Supporting Actress nomination in an earlier version of this post. Mea culpa!

See the full list of Oscar nominees here.

6 Responses to Lowell-made “The Fighter” Garners Seven Academy Award Nominations

  1. Jan says:

    I am so excited for this movie, the fantastic actors and actresses, the true story itself and the city of Lowell. The shout outs to the city have been terrific and it has given folks like myself the opportunity to express the pride of living in this very special and diverse city.

  2. Gerard says:

    I think that the Lowell is being recognized. Can Hollywood start making films without all the swearing right and left in some of these films including this film? Or is it to the point now that swearing is normal not normal language

  3. Righty Bulger says:

    In my book, foul language is OK in a movie in which a true story is being told. To anyone who knows the characters the movie depicts, cleaning up the language would be akin to portraying them as monks and nuns.

  4. Joan H says:

    I was watching when they made the announcements this morning. Really disappointing that Wahlberg did not get nominated – but Melissa Leo’s comments were so very gracious. “Good Morning America” has been pushing this show from the beginning with Robin Roberts having on as many actors from the film as she could . She has been talking about the movie a great deal -s so we can guess that she was quite taken with it. It’s good for Lowell to be recognized. They noted this morning that the author of the screenplay was also from Massachusetts . To Gerard – I normally don’t like a lot of cussin’ in movies either – but this a a real family – and that is the way they talk. Now let’s hope Deval doesn’t do away with the incentives to bring movie-making to Massachusetts.- because this film makes it all worth it.

  5. Steve says:

    I got a kick out of Wireless Mike Flynn’s comment on CAP this morning. Someone mentioned that Black Swan and The King’s Speech were also good movies. He said something like, “No, no. Forget about it. There’s no one from Lowell in those movies.”