Watson Wins Test Match in Jeopardy

Today in the Boston Globe’s  “The Source” – correspondent Carli Velocchi reports that “Watson” – the IBM supercomputer  that will take on two high-powered former Jeopardy champions in a February contest – won a test round!

Humans have often speculated about computers: What exactly can we make them do? How smart can we make them? Is there a limit to what they can do? the limit? When will they rule us all? At the moment, we’re just having fun competing against them – and losing.

IBM recently created a supercomputer named Watson that will compete against humans in the “Jeopardy!: IBM Challenge.”

The other two contestants? Previous “Jeopardy!” champions Ken Jennings, who won 74 consecutive matches, and Brad Rutter, who won a record-breaking $3.3 million as a contestant. The televised match will air in February, but today IBM offered a teaser in a three-round test battle.

Read the full Globe article about this contest here.