Kathleen Marcin of DLNA on Lowell & America’s Guns

Kathleen Marcin of the Downtown Lowell Neighborhood Association posted on the group’s blog about the recent shootings in Lowell and the gun culture of America.

3 Responses to Kathleen Marcin of DLNA on Lowell & America’s Guns

  1. Jack Mitchell says:

    Did anyone think that last night’s subcommittee meeting notice, there was too much time devoted to politicians and public servants speechifying?

    Several Lowellians wanted to speak, but could not, because the clock ran out. I can appreciate electeds needing to add their 2 cents in these matters. However, last nights proceedings demonstrate a top down mindset.

    I heard politicians talk of wanting the community to be “the eyes and ears.” What was apparent from last night is, the community need not have a mouth.

  2. Patty C says:

    Interesting observation, Jack.

    I do think there was a lot of time devoted to public officials and public servants but I understand why. I’d rather have the Chief, DA, Mayor, Council, Manager, State Senator & Reps, Congresswoman & School Dept. come out in unity (as they did) and let the community know that yes, there are big concerns about public safety in the city and they all are committed to working together to find answers and/or take steps to improve as a result of the recent acts of violence and/or crime in the city. It is better that these leaders come out and tell us they are concerned and looking to find solutions than to stay silent. What is very clear to me is that there are so many of us ready to help.

    While there wasn’t a lot of time available for many others to speak, those that did were very thoughtful and just as concerned as the public officials that spoke to the matter. I believe there are many ways to look at the problems before us: as a young person affected by recent acts of violence or crime, as a resident living in a neighborhood where crime/violence is an issue, as a resident of the city with concerns, as a business owner, as a police officer, as a councilor, etc.

    Lowell has a long history of successful partnerships and I do not doubt that many people and groups will continue to come together and discuss steps to take toward solutions and also implement actions or programs toward that same goal.

    I think everyone is ready to jump off their chairs and get to work, but of course it needs strategy and resources.