Updated map of “The Fighter”

Earlier today I did my Tuesday afternoon call-in to WCAP to talk about real estate and events in Lowell. Host Jack Baldwin and I discussed the Google maps mash-up of Lowell locations where “The Fighter” was filmed. A number of listeners called in and added some locations: Warren Court which is off Church Street near the Concord River where part of the confrontation between Micky and the police was filmed; another caller said the bar scene early in the movie was filmed at Buck’s (formerly known as Gus and Paul’s) on Chelmsford Street; and a third caller said the scene in which the police break Micky’s hand took place in front of the White Eagle Cafe on Market Street. I’ve added those spots to our map, making 23 points in all. If you know of any others, please leave a comment:

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3 Responses to Updated map of “The Fighter”

  1. Alex Ruthmann says:

    The press conference scene for the London fight was filmed in the Masonic Temple on Dutton St.