James F Costello, kia October 1918

On her “Lowell Doughboys” blog, Eileen Loucraft recently wrote about US Army Private James F. Costello who was killed in action in France during October 1918 during the First World War. Costello is honored by by a square in the Collinsville section of Dracut and at the junction of Lakeview Ave and Mammoth Rd. Here is Eileen’s full report.

2 Responses to James F Costello, kia October 1918

  1. John Quealey says:

    Boarding the Lakeview bus at Kearney Sq. and stopping at Pollys Corner after putting a nickle in the fare box getting off and walking up Mammoth Rd.heading for Red Top Beach for a day of swimming and fun somewhere we would change into our bathing suit and go into the water. Later we would go to the spa put a nickle in the juke box and buy a hot dog and drink and sit at a table eating then we might have a Devil Dog.by now I have spent forty cents then might rent a rowboat at a cost of fifty cents an hour and row to the other side where you might see Spencer Sullivan or some Xavierian Brothers who worked at St.Mary of the Pines summer camp
    keeping an eye on the yong guest who were there for a cost of ten dollars a week if your parents could afford.rowing back to Red Top after returning the rowboat you might have to use the outhouse then find somewhere to change as you would not delay in the outhouse.Walking back to get the bus at Costello Sq.as I learned the name from the blogg today ,on to the bus putting a nickle in the fare box and headed for Kearney Sq. where I would get a bus to the Grove as I had my choice of five .and would not have much of a wait.All fr a dollar.

  2. EileenL says:

    Make sure you check out the Dracut Historical Society next to the high school. They have lots of stuff and a room painted by Janet Lambert Moore.