Political Theory on the 4:10 Lowell Train

Returning from Boston by train yesterday afternoon, I was seated behind a sixty-something Patriots-sweatshirt wearing white male who was not shy about sharing his opinions on politics with the fellow sitting next to him. Unfortunately for everyone else on that part of the train, his volume required us all to listen, as well. But this impromptu focus group of one did have some interesting comments:

He’s convinced that all politicians are crooks and are only in it for themselves. The worst are the Democrats on Beacon Hill. They should all be thrown out. He said the last honest politician to serve in America was Jimmy Carter, but Carter wouldn’t compromise his principles so they quickly got rid of him. The biggest fraud of all was “Ronny Reagan.” The Republicans in Washington are the puppets of the wealthy and are out to destroy the middle class. Unions used to do some good but now they’re part of the problem, too. He’s OK with the war in Afghanistan because “they’re the ones that hit us first” but he believes the war in Iraq was a complete waste. He resents it whenever someone refers to social security and medicare as entitlements. He paid into those programs his entire life so the benefits he receives now are only a return of his own money.

An average voter? I’m not sure about that, but certainly a voter whose allegiance is up for grabs and not by either the Democrats or the Republicans, it would appear.

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  1. sjmcnamara says:

    I have a pair older hearing devices that still work, may come in handy next time you take the commuter rail.