“The Fighter” Video

This video was originally posted by Kenkinna. It is extremely well made, integrating candid clips of the actors with great music and real footage of Micky ward in the ring. This is excellent.

Here is the video description by the poster…

B-Roll Films, Boston: Mark Wahlberg, Christian Bale and David O’Russell come to the Kun Khmer Fedration Gym in Lowel to premiereThe Fighter! Local hero Mark Walhberg makes good with local boxing heros Micky Ward and Dicky Eklund and friends and family.
Christian still channeling Eklund arrives first working the fund raising photo-booth and spreading the love. Mark brings in the
Hollywood g-man cool and sets up for the pro-photo session. Both provide great time in general. Music from the film is used in this piece: Bale’s country men “The Heavy” represent with “How you like me now?” and another group of Boston local heros the Dropkick Murphy’s give us “The Warriors Code” (song made about Ward years ago despite being used in a little film called the Departed it is clearly more appropriate in the Fighter). This short film of the event was created by Ken Kinna, B-Roll Films, Boston. Thanks to Lou Markakis of North Shore 100 and Vannak Kann of Kun Khmer Federation Gym (cambodianboxing.com). Congratulations to all!

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  1. Fran McDougall says:

    Thanks Tony. Love the music too. Which inning at Fenway do you think we should sing Micky a Glorious Warrior?