Florida Gov Crist Pardons Door’s Morrison

Yesterday Florida Governor Charile Crist granted a pardon to Doors lead singer Jim Morrison 39 years after his death. Florida authorities convicted Morrison of exposing himself during a March 1, 1969 concert in Miami. Dade County officials sentenced Morrison to six months in jail and a $500 fine. Morrison appealed the conviction. While waiting for the retrial the notorious rocker died in Paris.

“Door’s manager Bill Siddons recalled, “The gig was a bizarre, circus-like thing, there was this guy carrying a sheep and the wildest people that I’d ever seen”. Equipment chief Vince Treanor said, “Somebody jumped up and poured champagne on Jim so he took his shirt off, he was soaking wet. ‘Let’s see a little skin, let’s get naked,’ he said, and the audience started taking their clothes off.” (wikipedia)

Several years ago a Doors fan approached Governor Crist seeking a posthumous pardon for Morrison. Much controversy surrounds the incident. Some fans who attended the concert swear Morrison exposed himself while others, including his band mates, vehemently deny that he did.

Crist cites the inconclusiveness of the evidences as the reason he granted clemency.

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