Lewis Black at Lowell Memorial Auditorium

I just returned from the Lowell Memorial Auditorium where I saw comedian Lewis Black perform. My face still hurts from laughing so hard. I’d seen a prior Black performance on DVD and have caught him many times on The Daily Show, but this was my first in-person experience. He did not disappoint, covering a variety of topics including popular holidays, smart phones, airport security and politics. Black’s politics are liberal, but his approach tonight was mostly “a pox on both your houses” when it comes to Democrats and Republicans.

It’s hard for me to recall the specifics of Black’s act, partly because I was laughing so hard but mostly because Black punctuates nearly every sentence with at least one variant of a word that rhymes with “duck”. With other performers, such verbiage becomes monotonous but with Black’s high-blood-pressure rants, it seemed quite natural and fitting.

Monday morning update: For those of you unfamiliar with the comedy of Lewis Black, here’s a sample: