A Walk In Lowell

This is an interesting amateur video from jphauker92 who is enjoying some of the simple sights and sounds in his Lowell neighborhood.

5 Responses to A Walk In Lowell

  1. Marie says:

    Tony – You lost me with this video – I’m dizzy from the camera work and trying to”hear” through the music. I’m guessing that John is in the Highlands – probably near Parker or Stevens Street but I could be way off and he’s in the Oaklands!

  2. Jphauker92 says:

    Lol wow didnt think anyone would ever take my video and put it on their website.
    I live in the Highlands yes, Just a regular walking of my neighbors dog after I got out of my college writing class. It was mainly meant for my family to view seeing as I make goofy videos like this. So i really wasnt thinking about keeping the camera steady so I apologize about that.