Doug Flutie’s “Hail Mary” pass

Mass Moments reminds us that on this day in 1984, Boston College’s Doug Flutie threw his famous “Hail Mary” pass that defeated defending college football champions, the University of Miami. In spite of Flutie’s recent transformation into a Schilling-like Republican Party groupie, I must admit that this play is one of the iconic moments in New England sports history and deserves watching:


2 Responses to Doug Flutie’s “Hail Mary” pass

  1. Steve says:

    I was watching that game with my father. He left the room, thinking it was over. When he heard me shouting, he thought I was kidding him. About seven or eight years ago, I went to see the Natick over thirty soccer team play in a semi-final game. It was right before Flutie went to play with San Diego, and I don’t think they would have been happy to see him out there mixing it up with the weekend warriors. I approached him at the end and asked if I could take his picture with my son, who was about twelve at the time. He was very gracious-I got a great photo, and he signed the kiddo’s football. Good guy in my book-and he has what Eddie Andleman used to call “IT.” The old je ne sais quoi that makes a winner.

  2. sjmcnamara says:

    I was watching the game at my grandfather’s house, and to this day I remember like it happened yesterday. Prior to the The Hail Mary Pass, it was already a great game. The numerous replays of the of the play and the aftermath is great TV. I recall the sheer joy of the BC players & coaches and utter shock of the Miami team.