“Lowell Doughboys” joins local blogosphere

Please welcome “Lowell Doughboys“, a new blog written by Eileen Loucraft who has become our local expert on the contributions of the men and women of Lowell in World War One. Earlier this month, Eileen shared with us a number of stories about soldiers from Lowell who died in that war that we posted on the days leading up to Veterans Day. Now Eileen has launched her own site. In her inaugural post (reproduced below) she describes her interest in WWI:

I became interested in the World War while researching my husband’s family genealogy. His grandfather returned from the war, a decorated hero who became very active in American Legion and veteran affairs for the state. I also found that his maternal grandfather’s cousin never returned from the war and is buried in France. He has a square that is named for him in the Collinsville section of Dracut – Costello Square.

There are at least 46 squares in the greater Lowell area that have been named for men who died during the great war. Some of these squares/playgrounds no longer exist or may have been moved. More investigation is needed.

My goal is that these heroes should not be forgotten.

One Response to “Lowell Doughboys” joins local blogosphere

  1. Eileen L says:

    Anyone familiar with the Oval at Bridge and First street? The William E. Coleman playground used to be there. Temporary veteran’s housing existed there after WWII. Now the VFW highway and the rotary by Saint’s Memorial exist. Thousands were present when the playground was dedicated to Coleman who died from his injuries in the great war.