Lowell City Hall

Tony Sampas shows us a close-up of Lowell City Hall

3 Responses to Lowell City Hall

  1. Marie says:

    The stained glass in both City Hall and the Pollard Memorial Library should be on the list of City treasures. Let’s make a list of treasures as part of the 175th celebration.

  2. Tony Sampas says:

    First Congregational Church (now the Smith Baker Center) should be on the list of Treasures to be preserved and revitalized. Before building City Hall Memorial Hall the Lowell architectural firm of Merrill Cutler warmed up with “First Cong’ ” as well as the now demolished Armory on Westford Street. The Smith Baker building could could serve as Lowell’s Sanders Theater, a more intimate venue than The Tsongas Center. But as Paul Tsongas himself once said: “All it takes is money.” to which I might add, and a place to park.

  3. PaulM says:

    Tony, can I say “ditto?” And that very same Smith Baker Center is being eyed for the Kerouac Center for Creativity, a community arts center with a “Sanders Theater”-type hall upstairs and maybe a digital arts center downstairs for new media creators, studio and lab space for innovators of all kinds, a world cuisine cafe—who knows what might take root there. Starting next month COOL will have a series a community meetings to gather input from everyone who is interested in this concept.

    Note that in today’s NYTimes there’s an article about Indianapolis honoring native son and author Kurt Vonnegut with a library and museum in a renovated downtown building. I’ll do a separate post on this so people don’t miss the link. Here it is