“Grim omen for Scott Brown”

The nationally recognized website Politico carries a story today with this headline: “Midterm elections offer grim omen for Scott Brown’s future.” The story quotes UMass Lowell Chancellor Marty Meehan (“Obviously, the results show that Massachusetts is, at its core, a Democratic state – It has been a reliable Democratic state for many years, particularly when it comes to the congressional delegation.”) who coincidentally was Brown’s host today when the Senator visited UML to participate in the school’s recognition ceremony of student veterans and also makes reference to last week’s Boston Herald story that urged Brown to run for president since this election’s results show how tough a time he will have getting re-elected in Massachusetts in 2012.

I think all this scary talk about taking on Scott Brown is amusing right now. His election last January should be a constant reminder to Massachusetts Democrats of the dangers of overconfidence. Still, if the buzz about the Massachusetts Senate seat continues in the national media, next summer’s state Democratic Convention which will be held right here in Lowell at the UML Tsongas Center should attract considerable attention for an off-year gathering.