Letters from France, December 1917

Today’s installment of our World War One remembrance (thanks to the efforts of Eileen Loucraft) is a summary of a letter from Edward Nelson to his parents that he wrote while in France in December 1917 which is before the American forces were fully engaged in combat.

Corporal Edward Nelson of the 101st regiment, A.E.F., now in France and formerly of the Sixth regiment of this city, has written a very interesting letter to his wife who reisdes at 506 Middlesex street.

The young soldier, who is the father of a handsome baby and who has been in France for the past four months, tells of having spent a very enjoyable Thanksgiving day and he states there is a good time in store for the boys in khaki in France. According to the Lowell soldier, all the gifts that have been sent from America during the Yuletide season would be placed on huge Christmas trees and special exercises held on Christmas day in camp. He closes his latter by stating he is in excellent health and most of his time is taken up with clerical work.

Mrs. Nelson was born in this city, but is of German descent. She says she has no relatives in Germany and never saw German soil and hopes her husband and the other soldiers under the colors of the allies will succeed in putting the kaiser where he belongs.