John Lennon ‘Honoured’ With Commemorative UK Coin

John Lennon’s image will appear on a commemorative coin issued in England thanks to a popular vote conducted by the Royal Mint. He joins other notable persons who have received this “honour,” including Shakespeare, Churchill, Darwin, and Florence Nightingale.

If England can manage this kind of tribute for John Lennon, we should be able to get a Jack Kerouac commemorative stamp in the U.S. before the centennial of his birth in 2022, right Dean?

Read the news here courtesy of NPR and the Associated Press. 


3 Responses to John Lennon ‘Honoured’ With Commemorative UK Coin

  1. JoeS says:

    There was an interesting segment on TV this morning about Dick Cavett (remember him?). In any case, they showed an interview he had with John Lennon, and some follow-up audio clips from Richard Nixon looking for ways to get rid of that “socialist” from this country.