Catching up with Cory Atkins

Last night Nancye Tuttle stopped by the victory party for Cory Atkins who was re-elected state representative in a district that includes Concord, Carlisle and a portion of Chelmsford. Nancye got to know Cory and her ex-husband Chet Atkins when the latter was a state senator representing Concord. Atkins went on to represent the Fifth District in Congress from 1984 to 1992. To those in Lowell who got to know the Atkins family during the Congressional years, Nancye’s “where are they now” post will make interesting reading.

3 Responses to Catching up with Cory Atkins

  1. Marie says:

    I like Cory and am happy for her “second time around” romance. It’s never too late – many of these reconnections are made at “reunions.”

  2. Fran McDougall says:

    Cory is my rep and I had fun, as I usually do , campaigning with her and Phyllis Novick her campaign aide. Phyllis grew up a few streets over from where I grew up, several years in between of course, in Newtoville. When Chet celebrated his 40th birthday in Lowell I dressed as Madam Arcari,the fortune teller and told of all his past secrets. Campaigns were truly happy events back then. The vitriol was not dripping from every campaign. Ah, the good old days.