Worst Case Scenario from the Activist-Government Side

Read the following from Henry A. Giroux, and get a sense of the outrage on the other side of the political spectrum, the side that hasn’t been given the kind of free publicity by media outlets everywhere that the Tea Party has received in the past six months. A moderate-minded reader might consider Giroux extreme in his accusations about the corporate sector, but his verbal blast is an example of the heat being generated on the opposite side of the extreme anti-big-government conservatives. This opinion piece is from truth-out.org.

One Response to Worst Case Scenario from the Activist-Government Side

  1. kad barma says:

    I found the thinly-veiled partisanship of the rant most confusing. “Robber Baron” policies to bail out Wall Street were enthusiastically supported by Obama and his party, and I find it difficult to view their being turned out of power as any referendum on a call to “do away with democracy”.

    Democracy was done long before the last couple of sea-changes in the political landscape, where a Democrat majority was recently traded for a Republican majority, right before it was traded for a Democrat one again. Should things shift back to Republican I hardly thing the overall environment for me as an individual citizen will be different. I’ll still be suffering from unprecedented tax burden and assault on my civil liberties. (Oh, yeah, Barack extended the “Patriot” act, too–tell me how the parties are different???).