Scott Brown, You Should Be Ashamed

Senator Scott Brown, you should be ashamed of yourself. Yesterday afternoon while driving home from work I heard this radio ad below on WRKO. It is Scott Brown reaffirming his support for Republican congressional candidate, Jeff Perry. Yes, the same Jeff Perry that did nothing while a fourteen year old girl was assaulted by another police officer.

Voice of Scott Brown:  (click here for audio)

This is United States Senator Scott Brown with a message for the people of the 10th Congressional District. You have another chance to shake up the status quo in Washington on Tuesday, November 2nd by electing Jeff Perry as your next congressman.

We need Jeff working in Congress to cut out wasteful spending and get going on a jobs program that will turn our economy around.

Sadly, Jeff’s opponent in this race, Bill Keating, has decided to focus almost entirely on negative attacks concerning an incident that took place almost two decades ago and which didn’t directly involve Jeff.

These are the same ugly tactics that were used against me in my campaign for the United States Senate. You saw through those attacks then, and I hope you’ll do the same now.

Jeff is a decent and honorable person and I would be proud to have him join me in bringing common sense back to Washington.

This is Senator Scott Brown. Get out on Tuesday, November 2nd and send a powerful message. Send Jeff Perry to the United States Congress.

So Scott, you think it (the strip search) didn’t directly involve Jeff Perry?  Well, Here are the actually words of the victim:

It upsets me that Jeff Perry can run for Congress after what he did to me when I was fourteen years old…Jeff Perry was nearby when Scott Flanagan illegally strip searched me. Perry knew what Flanagan did, he had to hear me screaming and crying. Instead of helping me, Jeff Perry denied anything happened. Even after Scott Flanagan admitted the truth under oath and pled guilty, Perry never apologized for allowing Flanagan to abuse me. Now he has said he would not do anything differently if he had the chance.

And Scott, you also think “Jeff Perry is a decent and honorable person”…I wonder if the victims parents would agree with you. Former Republican candidate for governor, Christy Mihos has this one right on…”no self-respecting parent of a daughter would vote for Perry”.

Scott, this is not a Republican issue or a Democratic issue, this is an issue of right and wrong.

12 Responses to Scott Brown, You Should Be Ashamed

  1. Brian Flaherty says:

    Well said Tony – now if you would say the same about Bill Clinton, Ted Kennedy, and John Kennedy, men who actually harassed and bothered women then we’ll be all set.

  2. Righty Bulger says:

    Amen Brian Flaherty! I hit the comment link specifically to make the same point and saw you’d beaten me to it.

    Christ almighty, Unlce Teddy walked away and hid from a woman who drowned in the car he drove off a bridge. I don’t care what happened to lead up to it. He walked away from a dying life. Far worse than anything Perry did.

    I’ll bet you held signs for him though, didn’t you Tony? Hypocrites. All you democrats who ever cast a ballot for Ted Kennedy are nothing but hypocrites! You think Mary Jo Kopechne’s parents would agree with your unabashed support of a borderline murderer?

  3. Publius says:


    You forgot to include Gerry Studds’ and Barney Franks’ egregious behaviors.. Particularly Studds who plied a page with alcohol in order to have a sexual relationship with a page.

  4. Jack Mitchell says:

    Dear GOP windbags, hiding behind your aliases and Brian Flaherty.

    Your false equivalencies are sad and belay a weakness in your characters.

    The Studds case is close, but there wasn’t a uniformed police officer standing over Gerry as he did what he did. An officer sworn to protect and to serve, not stand idly by while a girl’s life is changed.

    It is pathetic that you put party politics ahead of human decency. But your point that many ethically challenged politicians are repeatedly re-elected is not wildy off base. If “we” did it, “you” can do it, too. Two wrongs make the Right. Thus we establish Republicans on the same moral playing field as Democrats. Check!

    There is no reason to “Vote The Bum In!”

  5. Tony says:

    First off…I never held a sign for Democrat Ted Kennedy. Second, at the time I was totally appalled by the sexual improprieties of Democrat Studds, and Democrat Clinton. Third, I am just as appalled by Republican Jeff Perry’s inexcusable behavior. Fourth, as I wrote…Republican Scott Brown should be ashamed of himself. His decision to close his eyes to the assault of a fourteen year old girl for partisan reasons is a disgrace. Again, the issue is not Democrat or Republican, the issue is right and wrong.

  6. Brian Flaherty says:

    Jack – I don’t think anyone excused Jeff Perry for his inaction. However, I am just pointing out how your party is going after Brown, Baker, et al for not disavowing Perry when the Democrats fall over themselves praising the Kennedys, Clinton, etc – serial womanizers and adulterers.

  7. Jack Mitchell says:

    Maybe its because Republicans are infamous for acting like their S#!T don’t stink.

    I accept that Scott Brown asserts the principles of “lowest common denominator.” That it is win at any cost. Shove principles aside.

    I accept that at some future date, Scott Brown or someone cut from that cloth, maybe even someone who drives a pick up truck, will be bashing morality choices in the most hypocritical manner.

    I accept this truth to be self evident, the Republican Party’s moral compass points to “win!”

  8. JJ says:

    Mr. Flaherty’s equation that pedophilia (on a 14 yr. old) is equal to adulterous relationships with consenting women/men is preposterous.

    Mr. Flaherty’s first reply (at top), though he takes pains to deny he’s “excusing” any behavior it in his second post, IS tantamount to that. He never once references “Tony’s” main point – about Sen. Brown.

    After a simple “Well said” –which could merely have been interpreted as complimenting Tony’s grammatical form– Mr. Flaherty launched into the ‘Tu Quoque’ fallacy, which is also known as an Irrelevant Conclusion: Since the “opposition” (Democrats in general?) have their flaws, the favored one (Jeff Perry in this case) effectively gets a bye, and so we are being offered the taste of red herring…

    Incidentally, his mate Mr. “Bulger” follows the same argument: that all Democrats are/were blind followers of Mr. Kennedy, so he too would invalidate any opposition to pedophilia on the grounds of his absurd, false assumption.

    Sorry, it doesn’t pass muster – and Mr. Brown SHOULD be ashamed, which Mr. Flaherty again fails to affirm in his last post.

  9. Righty Bulger says:

    Hypocrisy is pointing out one set of flaws for political gain while ignoring someone else’s flaws. None of you donkey apologists has cited any examples of ripping Democrats for their bad behavior. You conveniently ignore more egregious crimes, such as allowing a woman to drown, whilie pointing out a questionable case involving Perry. Perry wasn’t the guy did the improper sexual conduct. Teddy Kennedy is the guy who let a woman drown without seeking help.

    Still waiting for an explanation of that one…….

  10. Righty Bulger says:

    JJ, Gerry Studds was having sex with 16 year old congressional pages. Far worse than what Mr. Perry is accused of ignoring. Not doing, ignoring, mind you.