Bielat Heckled by Frank’s Boyfriend

This is without question one of the craziest campaign seasons I have ever seen.

We have someone running for the United States Senate who spent part of her youth ruling out whether she was a witch or not.

We have a person running for Governor of New York in the political party called the “Rents too Damn High Party.

We have a woman running for Governor of California who has invested $100 million of her own money into the campaign and she is opposing a former elected official that used too be nicknamed “Governor Moonbean”…

And now we have this.

Seem in the video is Republican Congressional candidate Sean Bielat. He is being heckled by the man taking pictures, who is also his opponent, Barney Frank’s  boyfriend…

And we still have two more weeks to go. You got to love this.

Video from the Boston Herald

3 Responses to Bielat Heckled by Frank’s Boyfriend

  1. C R Krieger says:

    At my particular point in life they can’t go slow enough.  As a bumper sticker I saw in Southern California 50 years ago said, “So Many Pedestrians, So Little Time”.   :-)

    Regards  —  Cliff

  2. Bob Forrant says:

    After listening to the chairman of the New England Federal Reserve Bank yesterday giving a quite sobering account of where we are with our supposed economic recovery, I am horrified by the superficiality bordering on insanity that is passing for an election campaign. It was suggested that any kind of serious and sustained employment creation is a long, long way off – so where is any healthy debate on this issue? – No where at all!!!!

    Oh my.