7News-Suffolk U poll: Patrick pulling ahead

A just-released 7News-Suffolk University poll puts Deval Patrick ahead by seven points in the race for governor with just 20 days until the election. Channel 7’s Andy Hiller gives his analysis of the poll here. There were many interesting points covered: Baker’s negatives exceed his positives; both Baker and Cahill were hurt by the abandonment of Cahill by his running mate, Paul Loscocco; twice as many people believe Patrick has a better temperament to be governor than does Baker. As David Paleologos, the Suffolk pollster, puts it on camera, Patrick’s not yet in the end zone, but he’s on the goal line and unless he fumbles, he’s in good shape to win a second term.

One Response to 7News-Suffolk U poll: Patrick pulling ahead

  1. sfmcnamara says:

    I wonder what Lowell area Democrats are saying after “Democrat” and former AG Tom Reilly endorsed Charlie Baker today. My recollection is that Reilly beat (narrowly)Governor Patrick in the greater Lowell area in the 2006 primary. My memory might be all wet, but DH with his prodigous memory will correct me if I erred. I am wondering what was Reilly’s motivation with this endorsement considering that he endorsed Governor Patrick in 2006 after his primary defeat.