Cahill files suit

Last week when I wrote about the betrayal of Tim Cahill by his running mate, Paul Loscocco, I had no idea of the depths of the intrigue involved. Yesterday, Cahill filed suit in Superior Court against several of his former campaign aides and the Republican Governors Association on a variety of counts, all alleging a conspiracy to sabotage his campaign by improperly sharing confidential and sensitive campaign information with the opposition. The conspirators may have reputations as sharp political operatives, but they were inept at covert communications. Hatching their plans primarily by email, they apparently had no idea that when their messages passed through the Cahill campaign’s web server, a copy of every message was archived, providing Cahill with the type of smoking gun evidence that trial lawyers dream about. From articles in today’s Globe here and here and here, it’s apparent that members of the Baker campaign were right smack in the middle of all of this nefarious behavior, providing a fascinating twist in the final weeks of this election.