Nicholas Kristof of NYT Shows Dems Are the Better Choice

Read Nicholas Kristof’s column in today’s NYTimes to learn why he says keeping Democrats in the majority in Washington will be a better choice for the country. He goes step by step on economic policy differences between D’s and R’s. Here’s his op-ed; get the NYT if you appreciate the reasoning.

One Response to Nicholas Kristof of NYT Shows Dems Are the Better Choice

  1. Andrew says:

    One of the things I’ve found most amazing about this election cycle is that the Republicans have gained a lot of momentum by railing against deficit spending, yet they themselves want to deficit spend at even higher rates than the Democrats. And, perhaps even more tellingly, the spending they want to do is mostly corporate welfare and tax cuts for the richest 2% of the country. In other words, spending that will do absolutely nothing to put Americans back to work. If we’re going to deficit spend, let’s at least create jobs.

    I really have no idea how you can be against deficit spending yet support Republicans. There is just no debate on the question of whether their policies would increase deficits; everyone knows what will happen. Yet it doesn’t seem to matter, which tells me that the people complaining about deficit spending don’t actually care about deficit spending.