Kerouac Literary Festival Today, Oct. 2

There are too many things happening today at the Kerouac Literary Festival to list them. For the schedule, visit or

The 2.5 hour bus tour of Kerouac sites with Roger Brunelle guiding is already underway. Next event is 11 am at the Kerouac Commemorative, Kerouac Park, at Bridge and French streets downtown. It’s the annual ceremony at the Commemorative with readings and reflections from speakers and in recent years a little music by David Amram. Many events all day, somtimes three at a time, so you’ll have to choose.

If you want to go to the Festival, it’s all downtown today — start at the National Park Visitor Center, Market Mills, 246 Market Street, and get a schedule, a map, and directions to start.

Beautiful October day in Lowell.