Angry gubernatorial candidates

Charlie Baker has been catching some heat lately for seeming “too angry” – while I’m certainly no fan of Baker’s, expressions of anger by a candidate running for governor don’t bother me. But the Republican nominee for governor of New York, Carl Paladino, goes off the charts. Tea Party favorite Paladino is a real estate developer from Buffalo who made his millions through sweetheart development deals from local government and who has filled his building with top-dollar paying state agencies as tenants. But he hates government, at least those parts of government that don’t enrich his own bank account.

Paladino is strident in his prescription for reforming society to his liking, advocating things such as mandatory trips to prison for (law-abiding) welfare recipients so they can “learn personal hygiene” for example. But after the candidate recently revealed to the public and to his wife of many years that ten years ago he had an extramarital affair which resulted in the birth of a child, the media has asked plenty of questions about the judgment (or lack thereof) that he has exercised in his past personal life. Paladino has responded by accusing his opponent, Andrew Cuomo (the recently divorced ex-spouse of Kerry Kennedy) of marital infidelity. When a reporter from the New York Post last night asked Paladino if he had any evidence to support his accusation against Cuomo, Paladino threatened that he would “take you out” to the reporter. Here’s some video:


Next to this guy, Charlie Baker looks like the height of level-headedness.