Lowell Trivia Answers

Here are the answers to this week’s Tuesday Trivia questions:

1) How did Fort Hill get its name?

• A fortification was built on it by the Native Americans

2) What corporation was formed in 1792 and is the oldest existing company in the
United States?

• The Proprietors of Locks and Canals on the Merrimack River

3) What was the first textile mill corporation to open in Lowell and the last of the original ones to close?

• The Merrimack Manufacturing Company a.k.a. the Merrimack Mills

4) What hospital was phased out in 1930 and given over to the Grey Nuns of the Cross of Ottawa?

• The Lowell Corporation Hospital

5) Which Civil War veteran was a five-term Congressman, a one term Governor and a candidate for the United States presidency?

• General Benjamin F. Butler

One Response to Lowell Trivia Answers

  1. Martha says:

    #3 is a badly formed question — since the Merrimack Mills opened in Chelmsford not Lowell and when it closed the Lawrence Mills, the Appleton Mills, the Hamilton Mills, and the Suffolk/Wanalancet Mills were all still in production.

    One could argue the answer to the first textile mill to open in what is now Lowell is Hurd’s Mill and the answer to the last textile mill to close in Lowell is the Hamilton Mills.