Lowell Open Studios


This little companion has awakened from a deep and restful sleep, and is eager to keep a watchful eye out for you. (Note accompanying Sherwood (shown above) purchased today at Hungate Sculpture and Design at Western Avenue Studios in Lowell).

I gave up on the Patriots during their fourth preseason game, so I didn’t mind heading out of the house this afternoon to visit Western Avenue Studios and the Whistler House as part of Lowell Open Studios. Western Ave was as crowded as I’ve ever seen it and most of the artists had their spaces open for inspection. Painters seemed to predominate today and sculpting with glass seemed quite popular. There were plenty of familiar faces including my grammar school classmate Joe Quinlan whose space contained some amazing black and white photos of Lowell; Cartoonist Bill Bradbury who talked to me about having my dad as a teacher at Lowell High in the early 1960s, and Guy Lefebvre of Lowell Gallery (on Jackson Street) who was there as a visitor. After spending a couple of hours at Western Ave, I headed over to the Whistler House to see Janet Lambert Moore’s exhibit which was excellent, as always.

If you couldn’t make it to Western Ave today, most of the spaces will be open next Saturday (the first Saturday of the month) from noon to 5 pm.