& ‘One Nation’ Rally in D.C. on Oct. 2

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“On October 2nd, exactly one month before Election Day, hundreds of thousands of people are gathering in Washington, D.C. for “One Nation,” a huge march for jobs, equality, and progress. Can you join us? At the historic Lincoln Memorial, progressives from coast to coast will join human and civil rights leaders, labor leaders, faith leaders, celebrities and more to rally for bold action to protect our economy and jobs—and to move our country forward. With Republicans and their corporate allies determined to take back Congress in November, we’ll join together to show the strength and unity of the progressive movement. Rides are available on buses and in carpools from all over the East Coast, but they’re filling up fast—so RSVP soon!

“We’re joining dozens of progressive organizations involved in One Nation, including the NAACP, USAction, Win Without War, the Service Employees International Union, and so many more. And in addition to joining the march, MoveOn members are holding “Stop the Takeover” house parties nationwide that weekend, mobilizing get-out-the-vote volunteers in critical congressional races. The One Nation march will demonstrate that progressives are united to fight—to fight for Congress, and for good jobs, true economic progress, social justice, and equality for all. And it’ll also be a lot of fun, gathering with progressives from all over the country on the historic National Mall. To get involved, visit

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  1. Barney Hill says:

    Why aren’t you guys on the news? I’ve never heard anything about you. But, I will be at the rally.