AG candidate violates campaign finance law?

James McKenna, the former prosecutor who accomplished the amazing feat of getting 27,000 write-in votes to win the Republican nomination for the office of Attorney General in last week’s state primary, seems to have violated the state’s campaign finance laws in doing so. The Globe reports that in his official reports filed with OCPF, McKenna reported spending just under $1600 on his campaign. In a recent interview, however, he said he had spent $5000. Considering that he printed and distributed more than 100,000 stickers, the $5000 figure sounds bogus, as well.

Now that the incorrect report has been widely reported, McKenna will undoubtedly scramble to file an “amended” report. No candidate wants to get caught violating the state’s campaign finance laws, but when the candidate who disregards those laws wants to be the state’s top law enforcement official, it’s especially troubling.