Primary Election Day

It’s finally here. Through the day I’ll update this post with my observations. Please use the comment feature to do the same.

As I emerged from the house for my early morning run, I found a neon green card protruding from under the door mat urging me to “Vote Chris for State Senate” in the Democratic Primary. This slip of paper was slightly damp which suggests someone left it last night. Doing a lit drop the night before the election (or the morning of) is a new phenomenon around here. In years past, the big drop would have occurred this past weekend, but despite the beautiful weather of Saturday and the cloudy but not raining conditions on Sunday, no literature was dropped here. I suppose the night-before/morning-of drop would be an effective last minute reminder to vote.

On my run, I had to evade one skunk, three dogs and one Budget rental truck which was rumbling from the Daley to the Bailey School at 5:15 am. Note to the election commission: the voting machines are safely in place in the precincts in the upper Highlands. As I passed the Daley School, I noticed two “Mike Lake for Auditor” signs stuck in the grass in front of the school. Leaving unattended signs at the polling place is a practice regularly followed in Boston and Cambridge (and perhaps elsewhere) but it’s never been done here. I don’t expect the signs to be there when I return to vote later today.

8 Responses to Primary Election Day

  1. Marie says:

    I had four calls yesterday – two from Mike Lake’s mother and two from Guy Glodis’ mother. A targeted call to a senior and a mother? Mmmm. Facebook is a hotbed for reminders about getting out the vote: Grossman, Glodis, Donoghue, Finegold, Coakley, Panos, Patrick/Murray, Tsongas — OK! those are my FB friends!

  2. Gerry Nutter says:

    I remember a time when on Election Day we would see no Ads in the local paper or on the local radio stations. Neither wanted to seem unfair to any candidate.

    Today both the paper and radio are filled with ads. Mainly because they need the revenue and the ads would be on Facebook and other social media sites anyway.

    I like it better the other way. No ads or paid candidate spots allowed on Election Day.

  3. Jack Mitchell says:

    There was more action on my FB page,than my telephone. I did get a call from the Patrick/Murray Lowell organizer, but it was not ‘primary related.’

    At 7:05 am, 5-2 had 1 vote cast. Mine. After, did vis for Niki, on Arcand.

    Andover/Nesmith was packed to the gills with vis. Chris Doherty was there with all the corners covered. I joined the Donoghue crew, also on all the corners. I chatted briefly with Paul Belley and Chris. Handshakes and smiles. It’s all good folks.
    Come November, we gotta be tight to win the fight. Ya feelin’ me?

  4. Marie says:

    At 11:20am I was the 150th person to cast a ballot in Tewksbury’s precinct 3 at the Senior Center. Two ladies waving the “blue” ballot before and after me seemed very tense and grumpy! I thought anyone with the Republican ballot would be pumped-up and ready to rumble. I thought that the 2EM State Senate race would bring out some sign/supporters for state-wide candidates but no evidence of them at the East Street triangle across from the Senior Center.

  5. Marie says:

    BTW – it was most interesting and somewhat ironic to hear UMASS Lowell Professor Frank Talty’s take on the Donoghue/Doherty race on WCAP this morning when after a query from Teddy Panos – he compared the Doherty approach to a race back in 1992 where an entrenched Democratic incumbent was challeged and the powers that be were unhappy at the challenge… As he said of the results – “we” held the seat for 15 years! Mmmmm. An interesting look back to a campaign that despite Doherty’s claim of doing things in a new way for a new day with a new guy not a GOB etc. – is really the “same old – same old”..
    For disclosure – I was an eager and willing participant in that 1992 challenger campaign!

  6. Paul@01852 says:

    As of 3:50pm when I voted there had been 162 voters in Ward 10 Prec 2 and 110 in Ward 4 Prec 2 (both vote at the VFW on Plain St)

  7. DickH says:

    I voted at noon at the Daley School (3-2) and was number 222. Someone who voted at 5 pm was 444. That’s trending on the low side, I think