President Obama’s In for $50B

OK, now we’re talking. For Labor Day, President Obama called on Congress to support a $50 billion program to modernize US infrastructure over the next six years. Read the report from AOL.COM here.

I heard the President was a pretty good poker player back in Chicago. It sounds like he’s ready to rumble.

One Response to President Obama’s In for $50B

  1. kad barma says:

    Too bad he’s already wasted $850B on Wall Street bailouts, and squandered the first stimulus on rancid pork, with nothing of any real value to show for either investment.

    I’m disgusted that it’s taken this long to finally get around to anything like this, and I think it’s ridiculous to try to play partisan politics over it. He could have broken with failed past policies at the beginning of his term, and HE is the one who failed us in that, and no one else. To turn around now and blame the lack of infrastructure investment on Republicans is disingenuous to the point of insult to our intelligence as an electorate.