Amazing Race Casting Call Tewksbury

I’m not much of a fan of the TV show The Amazing Race, although my grand-daughter tells me I should be. Well, I guess she is right. The show held “open casting calls” last Saturday at the 99 Restaurant in Tewksbury and the place was packed.  I can see why. The show features several teams racing around the world competing against each other in various events…and the winner gets $1 millllliooooon dollars (do the Dr Evil thing with your finger). The video below was originally posted on YouTube by “running for my existence”. It shows the huge line of hopefuls waiting to get their chance at stardom.

Here is the video description: This is the line at the The Amazing Race casting call in Tewksbury,MA on August 28,2010. We arrived at 6:30 and the end of the line was at the same point where it ends in this video. We were out of there at 9:30 AM so the wait was ~3 hours.

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  1. Mr. S says:

    I attended that, too. We were among the last few people to get into the line right before they closed it around 9:30. From there it was nearly a two-hour wait. The atmosphere was cordial and the 99 brought around water and mozzarella sticks. I hope you got some of ’em too.

    When we got up to the last desk before going in, I saw that our assigned number was #130 on Camera 2. Both cameras had their own numbering system, so that’s roughly 260 groups and 520 people all told.

    But hey, at least it was a nice day to wait. The sun wasn’t too hot.