Flashback Friday: 1987 Lowell City Council

1987 Lowell City Council

Back row from left: Joe Fitzpatrick, Gerry Durkin, Brendan Fleming, Curtis LeMay, Bud Caulfield and Bob Kennedy
Front row from left: Tarsy Poulios, Richard Howe Sr, Brian Martin

Only four councilors – Fleming, Howe, Brian Martin and Bob Kennedy – won reelection that year making it the first term for Fitzpatrick, Durkin, LeMay, Caulfield and Poulios. From the prior council, Armand LeMay and Dick O’Malley chose not to run for reelection and three incumbents lost – Kathy Kelley, Ed Kennedy, and Gus Coutu. Some notable names were included in the other six challengers who failed to win election. They were Bernie Lemoine who was elected to the council the following year, Dolores Beati, Wayne Peters who had been the superintendent of schools in Lowell, George Anthes, who had previously served on the council, Bill Flanagan, and Dave Conway, the current school committee member.