Welcome to “Chelmsford Patch”

There’s a new source of news in Chelmsford – the “Chelmsford Patch” launched recently as an online, constantly updated community newspaper with a full-time editor, an aggressive presence on Facebook and Twitter, and a heavy dose of reader generated content. Here’s how the Patch describes itself:

Chelmsford Patch is your site. Here, you can find all the latest news, sports, calendar listings, events and more. We’ll have the Board of Selectmen’s latest decision, your child’s pop warner game on video, and ideas for things to do every weekend.

Chelmsford Patch is also a place for business and community listings. If you’re looking to try a new restaurant in town this weekend – browse our food listings for complete information on the eatery’s hours, what kind of payments they accept, and if they take reservations.

We want Chelmsford Patch to be the pulse of the community, and that means we need your help and participation. Submit your own news tips, and announce your engagements, weddings, births or if you made the honor roll.

We want to know what you want to see us cover. Whether it’s a Pinewood Derby or a 100th birthday party, send us the information and we’ll do our best to be there.

Please visit us throughout the day and feel free to post your own photos and videos. Do create a free account and log in, and post on our comment boards.

Thanks to Dean, one of our regular readers, for pointing me at Chelmsford Patch. In the process of discovering the Chelmsford Patch, I discovered that a companion site has recently gone online for Tewksbury, as well. I’ll be visiting both for their take on local news.

One Response to Welcome to “Chelmsford Patch”

  1. 6th Middslex Regt. says:

    The Patch moves into wealthy communities all over the country. It seem that they have a plans to take over the electronic news in these wealty communities all over the country. The plan is to then to take over the urban news. They pay there editors around $35,000 a year. Patch is in ten states and DC at this moment. http://www.patch.com