Lowell Political Biographies

The “Elections” page on this site remains a work in progress. (The link to the “Elections” page is at the very top right of this site). Recently, I’ve been adding state election results, year-by-year. Just yesterday, however, I loaded our “political biographies.” That section of the Elections page is divided by the letters of the alphabet. I’ve tried to make an entry for each person from Lowell who has run for office, listing the office, the year and the result. If the person is deceased, I try to include that and the year of death, if available. If a relative is also a local political figure, I mention that, too. Some of the people listed come from places other than Lowell; but they all have appeared on the ballot in Lowell at one time or another. In the coming days I plan to cross-reference these individual biographies with the various election results to fill any gaps. In the meantime, please scan through the biographies and use the comment feature (or send me an email) with any additions or corrections.