Doherty & Donoghue: 3 weeks to go

Saturday I wrote my assessment of the Chris Doherty v Eileen Donoghue campaign for the Democratic nomination in the First Middlesex Senate District. I noted that Doherty had sent me five flyers in less than two weeks while I had received none from Donoghue. That changed today. Eileen’s first flyer arrived. On one side, there’s some biographical information (“raised in a working class family” and “demonstrated commitment to community”). On the flip side, the piece promotes some of Donoghue’s accomplishments as mayor of Lowell (“A mayor with vision who delivered results”).

As election day draws closer, I’ll try to document what I’m seeing and hearing about these two campaigns.

2 Responses to Doherty & Donoghue: 3 weeks to go

  1. Righty Bulger says:

    Why does Donahue continue to brag about being Mayor of Lowell? I realize it might sound impressive to folks in Westford, Dunstable, Pepperell, etc. But to those of us who know that the Mayorship of Lowell gets passed around like a bong at a frat party, it’s not any more significant that Rita’s, or Bud’s or Tarsey Poulios’ for that matter.

    Give it up Eileen. You were a city councilor who got your turn with the gavel. Nothing more. Nothing less.

  2. joe from Lowell says:

    Righty Bulger,

    The people who know enough about Lowell politics to know about what the mayor does also know about Eileen’s substantive record and performance on the council – they know that she was a particularly good city councilor who got her turn with the gavel.